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Damian Grundle

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)


Nitrous oxide production in marine sub-oxic zones
My current research focuses on nitrous oxide (N2O) distributions and production in the ocean. Evidence suggests that low O2 concentrations may induce substantial increases in biological N2O production, and my research aims to better quantify the degree to which decreasing O2 concentrations will impact N2O production under natural, mixed assemblage conditions, and determine the O2 threshold required to turn on/off the different N2O production and consumption pathways. To achieve these goals I am employing a suite of measurements across well defined oxygen gradients in coastal and open ocean oxygen minimum zones. This includes measurements of nitrous oxide distributions, N2O isotopic and isotopomeric (i.e. 15N site preference) signatures, and 15N tracer incubations.


Tel.: +1 (441) 297 1880-137

Research activities

Nitrous oxide production through suboxic interfaces and sea-to-air fluxes at the sea-surface interface