21. May 2018 Career Planning for female postdoctoral researchers

One of the core elements of the mentoring programme via:mento_ocean are workshops in small groups on different topics of general relevance for a successful career development in academia. The mentees choose at the beginning of via:mento_ocean which kind of topics are relevant for their career development, so that in every programme cycle there is an always different offer of workshops.


At the end of February a two-days-workshop about career planning for PhDs and early Postdocs took place. Aims of the workshops were to gain additional knowledge about the basic aspects of the organizational structures of universities, to discuss about role awareness and competence development, to reflect on the quality of application documents and on the power of visions as well as to analyse networking activities under consideration of their particular importance for academic career building. At the beginning of March the second career planning workshop for Postdocs took place. The first day the group of participants reflect with the trainer e.g. on other than pure scientific aspects of career building elements. The second day every participant has one hour coaching with the trainer Dr. Monica Clausen in order to discuss career decisions and to review application documents mirroring the professional status.

Both workshops were positive evaluated by the participants with a recommendation of 100%. The next workshop will take place on 21 of September about conflict competence.


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