10. May 2016 Future Ocean participated in EGU sessions on equal opportunities and collaborative research management

The strategies to promote gender equality in marine sciences in Kiel were presented during the EGUs general assembly. Ruth Kamm gave a talk on the achievements of the Future Ocean and the SFB 754 in a session on equal opportunities. The session also covered gender equality issues in ERC funding, the representation of women or ethnic minorities in conferences and awards as well as personal experiences of ERC grantees.


Furthermore, the Future Ocean was present at a session focusing on collaborative research management and communication strategies. Together with a talk on the management of the SFB 754 the effective networking structures in marine sciences supporting PhD students (ISOS) and postdocs (IMAP), data management (KDMT) and gender equality were presented during a poster session.


Ruth Kamm, E-Mail: rkamm@gb.uni-kiel.de