10. February 2016 via:mento_ocean – Workshop Career Planning after the PhD

The nine participants of the via:mento_ocean career planning workshop on February 18-19 agreed on one thing: The career path after the doctorate in the marine sciences cannot be completely planned. But those who pursue a scientific career can be prepared for the changes, opportunities or perhaps even setbacks the postdoc phase may bring.


This was also the goal that Monika Clausen, herself a biologist with a PhD from Zurich, pursued in two days of training with female scientists from the Cluster and SFB 754. The program included the analysis of the competences and experiences as well as the first steps towards the development of a professional vision for the participants. To this end, the participants dealt, for example, with the requirements for a long-term academic career, in particular a professorship.


Ruth Kamm, E-Mail: rkamm@gb.uni-kiel.de