Seed money

Full and associate Members of the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" may apply for this funding!

The Future Ocean supports the preparation and submission of proposals for collaborative research projects at public funding agencies. The projects must be related to the Cluster's research areas.

Any project propsal, aiming at a total budget of at least 500,000 € may qualify for a seed money support by the Cluster, regardless of its duration and funding source.

All members of the Cluster are eligible to request seed money.

Seed money may be used for any measures supporting the preparation and writing of the proposal (e.g. organisation of planing meetings, student workers, etc.).

Successful proposals which arel eligible to receive project overhead money, are kindly requested to refund seedmoney to the Cluster.

Proposals for seed money can be submitted to the executive board at any time (no deadlines!). The executive board will make a funding decision at its next possible meeting.