23. October 2018 Northern German Excellence Cluster Conference in Berlin

futureocean/D. Ausserhofer

At the Berlin "Umweltforum" more than 220 scientists from the marine and climate research Clusters of Excellence based in Bremen, Hamburg and Kiel met to discuss and highlight the last decade of scientific research as part of the conference: "Ocean – Climate – Sustainability Research Frontiers". The focus was on key findings from more than ten years of research. Apart from the main topics on climate change, ocean research and sustainable development – a total of 21 sessions took place on topics including coastal risks, seabed mineral resources, society's approach to climate change or the biogeochemical interaction between the ocean surface and atmosphere. Not only established scientists from the three Clusters of Excellence and international guest institutions were among the speakers, but also many early carrier scientists presented their projects.


Professor Martin Visbeck, the speaker of Kiel's Cluster of Excellence: "Future Ocean", states: "This joint conference is an impressive demonstration of how closely the three Clusters of Excellence in Hamburg, Bremen and Kiel work together and complement each other. Ocean, climate and sustainability are society's future topics."
The speaker for Hamburg's Cluster of Excellence "CliSAP", Professor Detlef Stammer, also asserts: "Here in Berlin we want to jointly accentuate the global agenda for the future and provide information on climate change and its consequences to those stakeholders responsible of making decisions. Two days of bundled scientific knowledge on natural- and social sciences and humanities are gathered here."
The three institutions are planning to continue their cooperation according to Professor Michael Schulz, the coordinator of the Bremen's Cluster of Excellence "The Ocean in the Earth System": "The spread of topics covered by the three institutions is impressive and an excellent basis for modern, future facing marine research with strong international standing."

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