08. May 2017 Marine Science Meets School


The sea is a unique habitat for numerous organisms and animals, such as sponges, crayfish, starfish and porpoises. They all find ideal living conditions there. What is more, the life and economic activities of humans also depend on the resource ocean to a great extent.

Humans need nutrition, resources, energy, recreation and transportation routes. But the resources of the ocean are finite and increasingly depleted. Therefore, the Kiel 'Forschungswerkstatt', a set of laboratories at Kiel University open to school classes, offers teacher training in the ocean:lab aim to increase students' awareness for responsible use of the ocean while they are still at school.


The training courses are predominantly aimed at teachers in lower and upper level education. In total, six workshops and trainings are available in the course of this year. During the workshops, the speakers from the 'Forschungswerkstatt', Dr. Katrin Knickmeier und Katrin Kruse, will present current research areas in marine science and demonstrate how findings from research can be connected to topics of specialized classes in order to integrate scientific issues into the classroom.

During the one-day to three-day workshops, teachers have the opportunity to gain insights into the key areas "Ecosystem Ocean" and "Marine mammals and Anthropogenic Influences" and to familiarize themselves with the expedition boxes and materials available for teaching as well as smaller experimentation stations. A recurrent theme will be human caused threats, such as plastic pollution, contaminants in the environment and noise pollution. This is why one of the practical workshops in Berlin concentrates on the pollution of the ocean via plastic and micro plastics and presents the nation-wide youth initiative "Plastic pirates – the sea starts here!" In addition, it specifically deals with how each individual can contribute to prevent waste from getting into the ocean.

Detailed information on the individual training courses can be found here:
May 9th, 2017: Practical workshop in Berlin– Plastic waste in the ocean, what can the Federal government do about this?
June 30th, to July 2nd, 2017: The „Ecosystem Ocean" on the Pilot Island (Lotseninsel) in Schleimünde
September 19th 2017: Workshop during the 51st MNU Conference in Kiel– Marine mammals and anthropogenic influences

Further training courses in marine science for teachers on the topic "Marine mammals and anthropogenic influences" will be conducted within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Project Marine Mammals


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