19. April 2017 Career Paths of Women in Marine Science and Technology

“Baltic Gender” Project starts new blog on Oceanblogs.org

A new blog series on women in Marine Science and Technology highlights the successful and diverse career paths of women at different stages of their academic careers. The blog, initiated by the EU project Baltic Gender, aims to portray the career-related experiences of these women and to bring visibility to their aspirations and achievements as well as their struggles.

Just as many women as men start out on their careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemetics), but many more men go on to senior positions. The reasons for this so-called "leaky pipeline" phenomenon are often very complex.


The EU project Baltic Gender brings together eight scientific institutions in five countries around the Baltic Sea to work on reducing gender inequalities in Marine Science and Technology. One of the main aims of the project is to promote gender-balanced career advancement in its partner institutions and in marine science in general. At Kiel University, we are looking specifically at structures and processes that support or hamper gender equality in science.

To this end, the project has initiated a blog series about female marine scientists in a question and answer format. A diverse portfolio of career paths, also from scientists from Kiel University, will be made visible over the next two years, in which the blog will stay active.

http://www.oceanblogs.org/balticgender Blog „Baltic Gender"
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