17. June 2016 Addiction to the Sea – Aboard the MV Atlantic Companion

Photographic Impressions of Life on Board a ConRo Ship, the MV Atlantic Companion, from the Perspective of a Young Kiel Artist

"Meersucht – An Bord der MV Atlantic Companion” (Addiction to the Sea - Aboard the MV Atlantic Companion) is an illustrated book with photos and texts about life on board a ConRo vessel, the MV Atlantic Companion, from the perspective of a young Kiel artist. She sailed to sea herself as a machine cadet and technical officer’s assistant for two years and thereby gained a deep insight into life at sea. The texts reflect her experiences and changes and include interviews and anectdotes.


The photographs provide an insight into the various areas of the ship, from the bridge to the motors, they depict life on board, from working time to quiet hours. They document personal impressions of diverse, ever changing seascapes.

After having trained as a photo designer, Lisa Hoffman, a native of Bocholt, started university in the Hague and then continued in Kiel at Muthesius University of Art and Design, where she finished her Master of Fine Arts with a specialization in Photography and Film in 2016.

The book presented here was created during training as a technical officer assistant and cadet on the Atlantic Companion.
"Meersucht" was created as part of a joint project with the marine scientific research project "The Future Ocean". Oceanographers such as Dr. Tobias Steinhoff from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, who co-initiated the project, have been operating measurement instruments for more than ten years on board the container ship Atlantic Companion. The onboard measurements provide information about the process of exchange of carbon dioxide between the ocean and atmosphere on the North Atlantic route between the UK and Canada. Research on container ships is an important element in the global network of ocean observatories. Daily life on board here is very different from that on research vessels. The images in Meersucht impressively reflect the other world, in which oceanographers immerse themselves with their research. The Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" promotes the transfer of science and art in society through a series of projects with the Muthesius Academy.

“And my journey continues” says Lisa Hoffmann herself in regard to further planned projects.

“Meersucht - An Bord der MV Atlantic Companion” is published in a limited first edition
Publishing house Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel 2016.
ISBN 978-3-943763-47-8
It can be ordered through www.maritime-image.com,
contact@maritime-image.com or presse@muthesius.de


Lisa Hoffmann
tel. 0157 74478450

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