10. September 2012 North Atlantic Cooperation between Halifax and Kiel

Kiel University and Dalhousie University are establishing a partnership and aim to strengthen international cooperation in the marine sciences

Kiel University and Dalhousie University would like to cooperate very closely in future. As part of its quality management and internationalization strategy, Kiel University is testing a completely new form of international collaboration in a benchmark partnership with the North American University Dalhousie.


In order to get to know one another better and to sound out opportunities for future collaboration, personnel and scientists from Kiel and Canada are meeting in Kiel on September 13th and 14th for workshops and excursions. The guest of honor will be the First Secretary for Science and Technology of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Dr. Jennifer E. Decker.

Lectures and workshops are planned in the marine sciences and other areas. Participants in the marine sciences workshop include Ralph Schneider (Overview of Kiel Marine Sciences), Nele Matz-Lück (Internatinoal Law of the Sea), Uli Sommer (Marine Biology), Arne Körtzinger (Marine Chemistry) and Martin Quaas (Sustainable Fisheries). Together they will give an overview of the wide range of marine science research in Kiel.

On Friday Steven Mannell, Director of the College of Sustainability at Dalhousie University will give an Inspirational Lecture. The lecture will be held in English on Friday September 14th at 9:00 am in the Wissenschaftszentrum in Kiel, Fraunhoferstr. 13.

For more information about the Joint Workshops Kiel University – Dalhousie University please visit www.uni-kiel.de/dalhousie-workshop.

The flyer and program can be downloaded here (pdf)
Press release of Kiel University


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