05. September 2012 Kiel Summer School on Sustainable Fisheries

From 3rd to 5th September more than 20 young European researchers are meeting to discuss new economic concepts for sustainable fisheries.


A new aspect is the special attention given to distributive justice, which plays a role, for example, in the exploitation of West African waters by European and Chinese fishing fleets. In addition new paths to fisheries regulation should be demonstrated. In New Zeeland, for example, quotas for certain fish species have already been given over to the fishers as property. Whether such concepts are applicable in the European market and what effect they will have on distributive justice is being discussed in lectures, group work and panel discussions. Lectures are being given by renowned fisheries researchers from universities in Kiel, Lüneburg and Hamburg as well as Belgium and Canada. The Summer School is organized by the working group “Sustainable Fisheries” of the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”.

Link to the program of the summer school, pdf


Martin F. Quaas
Institute of Economics
Kiel University