26. October 2011 Ralph Schneider invited speaker at the CDU/CSU Congress Rio+20

At congress of the CDU/CSU parliamentary faction on 24th October 2011 – Chancellor Angela places special emphasis on Kiel Marine Sciences in her address

Are the oceans going down? New impetus for international protection of the oceans. This was the topic of a CDU/CSU congress on 24th October in the Berlin Bundestag.


In addition to Chancellor Angela Merkel other prominent government representatives accepted the invitation of the parliamentary faction such as the Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen, international experts such as the EU Commissioner for Fishery Policy Maria Damanaki and numerous representatives from science, business and NGOs. About 200 experts took advantage of this opportunity to discuss conflicts of usage and proposed solutions for protection of the oceans, fishery policy and international protection efforts. The day was meant to serve as “an important signal in the direction of Rio 2012”, as the Chancellor clearly stated in the beginning of her address.

Immediately preceding Chancellor Merkel’s address Prof. Ralph Schneider spoke on the Cluster of Excellence “Future Ocean” and Kiel Marine Sciences and presented the World Ocean Review. “Marine science research in Kiel is in an excellent position – and wants – to make recommendations on how risks in and to the ocean can be better assessed in future.” said Prof. Ralph Schneider in his talk. “Management and handling options, which are scientifically based, play an important role for us here. For this reason we want to discuss our research more intensely in a dialogue with lawmakers and business.” One medium for dialogue is the World Ocean Review (WOR) 2010, probably the most complete and up to date report on the state of the oceans available at this time, written by circa 40 scientists from the Cluster of Excellence “Future Ocean” for the general public. More about the congress, the talks (live recording, video) and the World Ocean Review can be found at:

http://veranstaltungen.cducsu.de/veranstaltungen/rio20-gehen-die-meere-unter-neue-impulse-fuer-den-internationalen-meeresschutz (in German)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMtfZP_tI-0&feature=player_embedded&noredirect=1 (Video in German)


Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel said in her address:

"Professor Schneider presented the World Ocean Report 2010 here. I would like to thank the initiators and the Cluster of Excellence “Future Ocean” in Kiel very much for this work, because it opens our eyes to the diverse dangers of the oceans worldwide, but also in our own surroundings in the North and Baltic Seas. The scope of dangers ranges from climate change to pollution to resource use and overfishing."

On the Chancellor’s address:

www.bundesregierung.de/nn_1264/Content/DE/Rede/2011/10/2011-10-24-bkin-kongres-meeresschutz.html (in German)