02. September 2011 Deep sea fisheries unprofitable

In the search for new fishing grounds, international fishing fleets have extended their activities to the deep sea. Dr. Rainer Froese (Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences, IFM-GEOMAR and Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean") explains: "We have to investigate whether profitable fisheries are possible in these areas before too much damage has been done."


Together with colleagues from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland and New Zealand, he has come to clear results. "Deep sea fisheries should be closed down with some very few exceptions," he summarizes the research, published in the journal Marine Policy. The Study shows the many problems of deep sea fisheries. Bottom trawling destroys bottom communities and deep sea fish grow very slowly, making them more vulnerable to overfishing then coastal species.

Original publication: Norse, E.A., S. Brooke, W.W.L. Cheung, M.R. Clark, I. Ekeland, R. Froese, K.M. Gjerde, R.L. Haedrich, S.S. Heppell, T. Morato, L.E. Morgan, D. Pauly, R. Sumaila, R. Watson: Sustainability of deep-sea fisheries, Marine Policy, 36 (2), 307-320, ISSN 0308-597X, dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpol.2011.06.008


Rainer Froese, rfroese@ifm-geomar.de