News 2021


Maiden voyage tracking carbon dioxide in the ocean

01. October 2021

New sailing drone complements observation network in the tropical Atlantic

A signal-red autonomous small sailboat is currently cruising the tropical Atlantic to collect detailed information about carbon dioxide concentrations at the ocean surface. …

Kiel University successful with MARISPACE-X in the European GAIA-X Initiative

25. August 2021

Major project on digitalisation of the oceans among 16 consortia to win federal funding

Advancing digitalisation of the oceans with "MARISPACE-X: Smart Maritime Sensor Data Space X" – this is the goal of a consortium from science and industry. Kiel …

Groundwater resources off the coast of Malta

06. August 2021

Researchers discover fresh water in the Mediterranean Sea

There is enough water on our planet, but by far the largest part is salt water that is unsuitable as drinking water. Therefore, especially in dry regions of the earth, the search for new …

Coastal Ecosystems Worldwide: Billion-dollar Carbon Reservoirs

12. July 2021

Joint press release of ifW, GEOMAR and iDiv

Coastal ecosystems such as seagrass meadows, salt marshes and mangrove forests are valuable to humans in many ways. In particular, they store carbon - and do so with a much higher surface density than …

Ocean eddy hunter as successor of Whale researcher

22. June 2021

New director at the helm of German Oceanographic Museum

The oceanographer Professor Burkard Baschek will take over as designated scientific director of the German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund. He is successor of Dr. Harald Benke, who has worked …

Adventure and Marine Research

17. June 2021

Arved Fuchs and GEOMAR cooperate on the "OceanChange2021" expedition

Marine research often has something to do with adventure, because there is still a lot to discover in the world's oceans. The famous German adventurer Arved Fuchs' combines …

With bacteria against coral bleaching

07. May 2021

Probiotic approaches could protect corals against heat stress

Corals are the backbone of marine ecosystems in the tropics. They are threatened by rising water temperatures caused by global warming and they are among the first ecosystems worldwide …

Fluctuations in ocean currents modulate oxygen content at the equator

19. April 2021

Long-term observations reveal complex interrelationships

In large areas of the world's oceans, the oxygen content is decreasing, globally by about 2% in the last 60 years. Critical regions are in particular the tropical oceans due to their oxygen …

Microplastics hardly affect blue mussels

12. April 2021

Unique long-term experiment shows only few effects of artificial particles on filter feeders

Images of seabirds perishing with plastic fragments in their stomachs are disturbing. How much does plastic waste threaten life in the ocean? A general …

Ecological condition of the Eckernförde Bay is to be improved

07. April 2021

New project led by Kiel University develops practical solutions for the Baltic Sea region by 2030

In the Baltic Sea and thus also in the Eckernförde Bay, a good environmental status was to be achieved by 2020 - this is the requirement of the EU …