News 2019


The "air" in the ocean becomes thinner

11. December 2019

Oxygen content in seawater continues to decline

In addition to warming and acidification of seawater, the loss of oxygen in the ocean increasingly leads to a shift in the biological, chemical and physical equilibrium of our oceans. This result was …

EuroSea: Gathering more Knowledge for a sustainable Use of the Ocean

28. November 2019

A new EU project funded with 12m Euros will provide new insight into making ocean observation more efficient

Europe with its long coastlines, many peninsulas, marginal seas, gulfs and bays is closely interlocked with the ocean. In times of sea-level …

Life under the ice during the polar night

27. November 2019

How microorganisms perform under the Arctic sea ice?

How does the marine ecosystem function under extreme conditions? How will it change due to global warming? As part of the MOSAiC campaign organised by the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre …

MOSES hunts Ocean Eddies

22. November 2019

Marine and coastal scientists investigate mobile oxygen minimum zones

The nets are in place. As part of the Helmholtz Earth system observation programme MOSES, researchers from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the …

Life under extreme conditions at hot springs in the ocean

21. November 2019

Marine researchers at Kiel University decipher adaptation mechanisms

The volcanic island of Kueishantao in northeastern Taiwan is an extreme habitat for marine organisms. With an active volcano, the coastal area has a unique hydrothermal field with a …

The Polar Regions - The End of the Eternal Ice

07. November 2019

New World Ocean Review published

The new "World Ocean Review 6", published by mare in cooperation with the German Marine Research Consortium and the Future Ocean Network in Kiel, focuses on the dramatic climate-induced changes in the Arctic and …

The Sea in Audio-visual Media

05. November 2019

The conference of the Department of Media Studies at Kiel University focused on the social and cultural role of ocean films

On October 24 and 25, 2019, around 80 students, researchers from the various humanities and natural science disciplines, …

Screening the Sea

23. October 2019

A conference held by the Department of Media Studies at the Institute of Modern German Literature and Media at Kiel University in cooperation with the CINEMARE International Ocean Film Festival Kiel

Apart from acting as a seemingly inexhaustible …

Strong Gulfstream System in the Miocene does not contradict Models

06. September 2019

Study shows separation between Caribbean and North Atlantic 10 million years ago

Differences in salinity of water masses drive the global ocean circulation. Model simulations show that the circulation can be weakened by high freshwater input in key …

2019 IMBeR Future Oceans2 Open Science Conference Brest

01. September 2019

Session on ocean recovery organized by Kiel scientists

Decades of marine research show that human activities have strongly altered marine systems. As a consequence, marine life, ecosystem functioning and the linked benefits for human societies are at …