News 2019


Strong Gulfstream System in the Miocene does not contradict Models

06. September 2019

Study shows separation between Caribbean and North Atlantic 10 million years ago

Differences in salinity of water masses drive the global ocean circulation. Model simulations show that the circulation can be weakened by high freshwater input in key …

Ocean Observations for Climate Science with the SY Malizia

28. August 2019

Racing yacht delivers important data from remote ocean regions

After about three thousand nautical miles across the Atlantic, racing yacht Malizia with skipper Boris Herrmann reaches New York this week. This ocean crossing attracted a lot of …

Stony corals: Limits of adaption

08. August 2019

New study on coral growth in times of climate change

Corals have been dominant framework builders of reef structures for millions of years, creating habitats for a diverse community of species. It is well known that ocean acidification, which is …

Mitigating climate change with seagrass meadows

25. July 2019

Kiel University develops a new method for largescale mapping of seagrass in the Baltic Sea

Seagrass meadows belong to the most important ecosystems in the ocean. They are nursery grounds for many sea creatures and serve as coastal protection by …

Recycling on Earth for more than 3 billion years

16. July 2019

Plate tectonics much older than previously thought

Only 100 years ago Alfred Wegener developed the theory of continental drift. However, the associated recycling process of crustal material began much earlier than previously thought. An international …

Living sustainably, at, from and with the ocean

04. July 2019

Kiel University honoured as a European University with a focus on marine sciences - 5 million Euros awarded for international cooperation

Through the ERASMUS+ project "SEA-EU - The European University of the Seas", Kiel University (CAU) is a member …

Plankton as a climate driver instead of the sun?

22. May 2019

A new view on past climate change

Fluctuations in the orbital parameters of the Earth are considered to be the trigger for long-term climatic fluctuations such as ice ages. This includes the variation of the inclination angle of the Earth's axis with …

Precursors of a Catastrophic Collapse

15. May 2019

Ritter Island gives new insights into the dynamics of volcanic landslides

The flanks of many island volcanoes such as Mount Etna or Mount Kilauea slide very slowly towards the sea. Whether these landslides are forewarnings of a catastrophic collapse …

Seaweeds can attract friends and keep away enemies

13. May 2019

Scientists from Kiel and Plymouth show for the first time health-promoting microbial manipulation in aquatic plants

The composition of the microbial community living in or on a larger organism plays an important role for its health. Humans and their …

Kiel scientists receive UNESCO Chair of Integrated Marine Sciences

30. April 2019

Professor Dr. Arne Körtzinger, a marine chemist at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel and a professor at Kiel University as well as Dr Jörn Schmidt, a fisheries biologist at Kiel University and adjunct in the Marine Affairs …