News 2018


New IfW-Working Paper reveals: EU coastal states fail to achieve comprehensive blue growth

19. September 2018

A new study of Future Ocean members shows a missing development of further implementing the Sustainable Development Goal 14

Sustainable growth in all marine and maritime sectors is not only a declared goal of the EU, but also firmly anchored in the …

Understanding deep-sea images with artificial intelligence

10. September 2018

GEOMAR research team develops new workflow for image analysis

More and more data and images are generated during ocean research. In order to be able to evaluate the image data scientifically, automated procedures are necessary. Together with GEOMAR …

Urgent appeal for more marine and climate protection

07. September 2018

Marine scientists publish "Kiel Declaration"

This week, more than 300 scientists from 33 countries met in Kiel at an international conference to discuss the decline of oxygen in the ocean, the causes and the consequences. At the conclusion of the …

Oceanic oxygen levels are declining

03. September 2018

Collaborative Research Centre 754 presents results on oxygen minimum zones

For more than 10 years, scientists from Kiel University and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel have been working on physical, biological and chemical …

The fate of plastic in the oceans

29. August 2018

Experiment shows: microplastics aggregate with natural particles

Although huge amounts of plastic are present in the oceans and new plastic material is constantly added, the concentrations of microplastics in the surface layer of the oceans are lower …

New jellyfish species in the Kiel Canal

24. August 2018

Further spread of Blackfordia virginica into the Baltic Sea is likely

A new jellyfish species has colonized the Kiel Canal. The brackish-water loving Blackfordia virginica has been a new player in the local ecosystem since summer 2016. This is the …

Competing with barnacle cement- anti-adhesive surfaces in the sea

22. August 2018

A research team from Kiel develops a new coating to inhibit bio-fouling on ship hulls

The development of functional surfaces inspired by nature has received a lot of attention in science and industry. Especially in maritime industries there is a …

Marine litter in remote regions of the oceans

10. August 2018

Marine litter in remote regions of the oceans

The Easter Island in the South Pacific is one of the most remote regions of our planet. Although thousands of miles away from the continents, the waste of human civilization in the form of plastic can be …

Data floods our Earth

17. July 2018

New project "Digital Earth" aims to better structure research data

Every day, scientists collect countless data about the state of our planet - whether from the atmosphere, ocean or land. However, the processing of these large, heterogeneous data …

Heat waves can change coastal ecosystems

09. July 2018

Long-term study shows effects of short-term extreme events

As a result of the ongoing climate change, oceanographic models predict an increase in extreme events such as heat waves. In a long-term experiment, in the Kiel Outdoor Benthocosm …