News 2013

What’s Happening to the Tropical Atlantic?

11. December 2013

GEOMAR researchers involved in new EU project PREFACE

How does the climate change in the tropical Atlantic? And how does this affect marine ecosystems and the fishing industry in West Africa? These are questions which scientists are now trying to …

"The Future Ocean" calls for your research project proposal

11. December 2013

Interested in working on your own research project in a multidisciplinary marine science environment? The Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" offers funding for PhD and Postdoc projects in Kiel, Germany. Projects will be funded for …

Tracking Marine Food Sources

29. November 2013

Isotope specialist from Kiel develops a method to identify the origins of nutrients in marine food webs

Oceans cover nearly 75 percent of the earth's surface and have always been an important source of food and resources. Yet overfishing, pollution …

Comb Jellyfish recognize their Enemies

25. November 2013

Kiel marine scientists study the immune system of the "sea walnut"

The American comb jelly, an only recent immigrant species into the Baltic, is biologically a very simple organism. It is therefore surprising that the immune system of the jellyfish …

The Role of the Ocean for Climate Change

25. November 2013

A new book presents the current state of knowledge

The ocean is one of the most important components of the climate system. It contributes large reservoirs for heat and carbon and is thus a major player in controlling climate change. The current …

Petersen Award for Prof. Dr. Edouard Bard

14. November 2013

Public lecture at GEOMAR by internationally renowned specialist for the reconstruction of ocean-climate interactions

Are current climate changes caused by humans or are they part of natural fluctuations? To answer this question, we have to know about …

Gerhard Fouquet receives honorary doctorate from Dalhousie University

23. October 2013

Dalhousie University (DAL) in Halifax, Canada bestowed upon Kiel University President Professor Gerhard Fouquet (left) a great honor. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new DAL president Dr. Richard Florizone (right), the Historian from Kiel …

METEOR: Anniversary Expedition off South Africa

10. October 2013

German and African marine scientists on the way to the Indian Ocean

Today the German research vessel METEOR (III), commissioned in 1986, reached an almost classical German marine research area during its 100th expedition: the Indian Ocean. On board …

Methane seeps of the deep sea: A bacteria feast for lithodid crabs

07. October 2013

Photos and analyses reveal more about a highly specialized food web

Cold seeps are the basis for a surprising diversity in the desert-like deep sea. Off the coast of Costa Rica, an international team involving GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean …

Career Planning in Science

04. October 2013

More than 150 young scientists gathered information about funding possibilities

Young scientists who want to continue in research after their graduation generally have an uncertain future ahead. Positions in research projects are often limited to a …