Kiel Week

Within the framework of the national Science Year 2016*17 “Seas and Oceans”, Kiel’s marine sciences presented the secrets of the oceans and current challenges in marine research during the Kiel Week. Apart from the public lectures and an “Open Ship” on the research vessel ALKOR, the exhibition “Our Oceans – Your Future” at the Kiellinie was a major focus of the activities.


What role does the ocean play for our climate? Are there resources which we can use sustainably in the future? Will we ever be able to limit the impacts of marine natural hazards such as tsunamis? How can we avoid littering the oceans? These are only some of the questions to which the exhibition “Our Oceans – You Future” was devoted. From June 17th to 26th, 2016 the exhibition informed interested visitors daily about topics central to Kiel’s marine research on the Kiellinie from 12 to 6 pm. The ocean: lab of the ‘Kiel Forschungswerkstatt’, a set of laboratories at Kiel University open to school classes, also contributed with experiments for young visitors of the Kiel Week on topics such as “Ecosystem Baltic Sea” or “Waste in the Sea”.