Exhibition in the German Museum, Munich

From 25th March until 30th August 2010 the Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean" presented a special exhibition in the Deutsches Museum.

The special exhibition "Future Ocean" was opened on 24th March in the Center for New Technologies in the Deutsches Museum in Munich and remained open daily until the end of August 2010.

With a darkened exhibition design and with componants, the Kiel Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean" demonstrated the influence of the ocean on the climate and the Earth and the chances and risks offered to us by the ocean.

From the lower exhibition space of the Center for New Technologies the blue ocean shone on the visitors. The bright exhibition area pointed out to visitors the risks to coastal areas from sea level rise. Slowly, as if they were submerging under the surface of the water, the visitors were guided into the deep sea. Under water they were met by bizarre sea creatures and research apparatuses waiting to be discovered. Visitors could listen to an account of a deep sea diving expedition and handle deep sea rocks on the sea floor. The possible effects of ocean acidification were displayed on a oversized scale. Visitors could playfully learn about the use of more economically sustainable fishing to counter the effects of the overfishing of the Earth's oceans (EcoOcean). The exhibition brought to life other fascinating research fields, presented original marine research apparatuses and showed though provoking short films, pictures and animations. The Future Ocean Explorer augmented  the exhibition with its content. For younger visitors there was a special children's area and for all visitors a reader's corner with further literature on the topics of the exhibition.