Future Ocean Sustainability

The Cluster Future Ocean Sustainability provides scientific excellence to the knowledge base for sustainability in human-ocean relations. The Kiel-based Cluster integrates multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary science with inclusive
forms of engagement with societal actors and knowledge holders outside academia. By integrating marine science on ocean discovery, understanding, assessment and solutions Future Ocean Sustainability enables reflection on and advancement of innovative and solution-orientated opportunities for sustainability policy that reduces ocean pressures, enhances resilience and safeguards human prosperity derived from the ocean.


We will start Future Ocean Sustainability in initially six integrated research areas as described below:

Exemplary integrated research areas

  1. Ocean Food
  2. Ocean Floor Resources
  3. Ocean Pollutants
  4. Ocean Disasters
  5. Ocean Recovery
  6. Ocean Narratives

We aim to add another dimension with six information exchange and engagement activities to our integrated research areas as described below:

Information exchange and engagement activities

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Ocean Media Lab
  3. Ocean Pathways
  4. Local Ocean Solution Hubs
  5. Ocean Careers and Literacy
  6. Ocean Young Leaders Forum


Martin Visbeck Sprecher Tel.: +49 431 600-4100
Ralph R. Schneider Stellvertretender Sprecher Tel.: +49 431 880-1457
Nele Matz-Lück Stellvertretende Sprecherin (Future Ocean Sustainability) Tel.: +49 431 880-2083