14. März 2018 3rd Network meeting in via:mento_ocean: Planning an academic career

In March the third network meeting of the mentoring programme via:mento_ocean took place. This time the group talked about careers in academia. Four prominent women were invited as role models to discuss careers, career planning in academia and work-life balance.


In the Literaturhaus of Kiel the mentees of the programme had the opportunity to learn more about careers in academia and career development. Nele Matz-Lück, Co-Speaker of "Future Ocean", Anja Engel, Head of the Women's Executive Board of GEOMAR, Karin Lochte, former Director of AWI as well as Gesche Braker, Coordinator of IMAP, were guests at this meeting. They introduced themselves and pointed out the most important steps of their careers, the most important decisions for their career paths and their challenges in work-life balance. The mentees were able to profit from the personal experiences of the guests. It was also a great opportunity to discuss the positive and negative aspects of being a professor. For the mentees, there was much strategic advice for a successful career in academia: increase your own visibility -through participation in committees, conferences, etc. -, staying power, strategic thinking, bearing uncertainty, networking and bearing in mind various career possibilities.


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