Transfer of Technology and Ideas

The Kiel Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean", with its unique interdisciplinary approach to research, aims to intensify the transfer of technology developed and knowledge gained through research to politics, industry and society in general.


The area of Transfer of Technology and Ideas in the Cluster Office supports this interest. Various activities are developed and offered for industry and politics. Effective research collaborations between scientific institutes and industry form a decisive basis in securing and increasing innovation capability and thus the competitiveness of German Industry.

The Cluster of Excellence employs existing instruments of technology transfer such as brokering collaborations between science and industry.

In addition discussion between scientists and industry representatives on selected topics from the Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean" is fostered through informational events – in close cooperation with the Maritime Cluster Schleswig-Holstein.



  • Innovationscouts:
    Patents are an important instrument in technology transfer. They protect inventions. Innovationscouts  support scientists with excellent exploitation of excellent research results.


Wiebke Müller-Lupp Coordination - Transdisciplinary Ocean Research Tel.: +49 431 880-4308