Stakeholder Dialogue

Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD):

“Sonic Energy Input into the Sea” Workshop
On the 11th of May, an expert workshop on noise in the sea took place in Kiel. The workshop was organized and carried out by the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” in cooperation with the Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas in Schleswig-Holstein.

According to the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), noise is pollution. With the MSFD the EU aim to restore good conditions in the maritime areas by 2020. The implementation of the MSFD is planned in sub steps such as setting up a monitoring system after 2015. Beforehand, however, criteria for the monitoring of noise (Harmfulness, critical limits, etc.) must be developed. The workshop was held with the purpose of exchanging expertise on a working level on the subject of noise emissions and their impact in the sea, as well as identifying prospective partners in research projects and discussions.



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