Kids' and Students' University 2008

Welcome to the Kids' and Students' University ' The Future Ocean' of Kiel University

This is the first kids' university with focus on marine topics only. Professors from marine science related faculties from different departments of the Kiel University Cluster of Excellence 'The Future Ocean' offer insight into their work. 

They vividly report on various subjects concerning the ocean and climate (in German): global warming, robots in the ocean, molecular mechanisms in the Cnidarian Hydra, the ocean and the human anatomy, overfishing, marine mammals, tsunamis and other topics. Half of the lectures are designed for pupils aged 8 to 12, the other half is offered for students from 12 to 16. Each lecture comes with a handout which allows the audience to review the content of the lectures at home. They are available for download (in German). Videos of each lecture are online on this website as well (in German). This enables students, parents and teachers to learn more about marine systems and about new scientific research. More than 1,500 students took part in the lectures of the Kids' and Students' University in Kiel in 2008.

The Kids' and Students' University was sponsored by the 'Stiftung 200 Jahre Fördesparkasse'. The project was developed in collaboration with the Leibniz Institute for Science Education at the University of Kiel (IPN) and it is promoted through a media partnership with the local newspaper Kieler Nachrichten and Geolino, a nationwide journal for kids.