Research Fellow / Postdoc Network IMAP

The Integrated Marine Postdoc Network (IMAP) within the Cluster of Excellence ‘The Future Ocean’ is a vibrant network of scientists on non-permanent positions whose expertise ranges from early career scientists to experienced researchers working on temporary contracts for 10 years or more. All IMAP members are associated members of the Cluster and engage in the diverse disciplines of marine sciences in Kiel, Germany – in natural, social and medical sciences, computing, economics, law and the arts.
Postdoctoral research in the Cluster is independent and project-driven aiming at inter- and multidisciplinary approaches with the overall objective of improving ocean system understanding, determining past, ongoing and future ocean changes, as well as their interaction with society with regard to marine resources, services and risks.


The mission of IMAP is:

  • Increasing the awareness and attractiveness of marine sciences in Kiel, Germany nationally and internationally
  • Improving the working environment of postdocs (e.g. establishing clear career options, keeping excellent young women in science, generating mobility between academia and industry)


  • maintaining an active postdoc network in marine sciences in Kiel, Germany including alumni
  • communicating and addressing the needs of postdocs
  • supporting the career development of young researchers
  • helping to establish a performance-based career advancement pathway at Kiel University and nationwide 


Members & Coordination

IMAP currently encompasses 100 members who are represented by two elected co-speakers and maintain regular formal and informal meetings and retreats. All coordination and strategic development is taken care of by a professional coordinator.
All associated members of the Cluster working on temporary contracts at institutions in marine sciences in Kiel, Germany are eligible to join IMAP (By-laws, pdf); an application form for associated membership in the Cluster can be downloaded here (pdf)


Gesche Braker IMAP, Coordinator Tel.: +49 431 880-6550
Christian Pansch Representative IMAP Tel.: +49 431 600-1599
Jörn Schmidt Representative IMAP Tel.: +49 431 880-5632