Postdoc-Network IMAP

The 'Integrated Marine Postdoc Network' (brief: IMAP) within the Cluster of Excellence 'The Future Ocean' is a network of more than 100 postdoctoral researchers who work on fixed-term contracts at one of the Cluster's partner institutions in Kiel. All IMAP members have associate member status in the Cluster and work on interdisciplinary projects in the multidisciplinary marine sciences in Kiel. IMAP offers both a platform for networking and support in career development but also has the strategic aim of improving the career perspectives for researchers after completing their doctorate.



Gesche Braker IMAP, Coordinator Tel.: +49 431 880-6550
Christian Pansch Representative IMAP Tel.: +49 431 600-1599
Jörn Schmidt Representative IMAP Tel.: +49 431 880-5632