Current projects:
"Process control and online-optimization for microalgae growth in photobioreactors: producing Astaxanthin by the algae Haematococcus pluvialis"
Project manager: Prof. Thomas Meurer

"Development of a Biomonitoring Program for Toxic Chemicals Emitted from Dumped Am-munition in the Baltic Sea"
Project manager: Prof. Edmund Maser

Completed projects:
"Energy-related discourses in the Federal Republic of Germany – Public acceptance and political implementation"
Head of project: Prof. Dirk Nabers

„Marine Mineral Resources Petrophysics Library"
Project manager: Prof Mark Hannington

„Enhanced Subbottom Imagery"
Project manager: Dr. Jens Schneider von Deimling
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„Development of a novel characterization method of biofouling to perform a large-scale comparative study of antifouling surfaces"
Project manager: Lars Heepe
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