Doctoral Programme ISOS

The doctoral programme "Integrated School of Ocean Sciences" (ISOS) focuses on interdisciplinary education outside of curricular courses. It offers supplementary training, a framework of supervision, mentoring and mobility for doctoral candidates. At the ISOS, doctoral candidates sharpen their scientific profile, are challenged to think beyond their discipline and to equip themselves for life after a doctorate. About 150 doctoral candidates from six faculties participate in the docotral programme, forming a large interdisciplinary network.



Doctoral Candidates in any discipline of marine sciences in Kiel can take part in our doctoral programme.

Note: As an ISOS candidate you remain anchored in your faculty for all formal regulations. (click here for more information on doctoral degree regulations)


As an ISOS candidate you will be supervised by an advisory committee consisting of your primary supervisor, a second supervisor and optionally an additional supervisor or mentor from within or outside the University. Your primary supervisor has to be a person with the faculty permission to advise doctoral candidates. This committee will guide you through your doctoral studies, and support your academic and personal goals.
Download the guidelines for the ISOS Advisory Committee Meetings.


At the ISOS you can choose from a wide range of academic courses, transferable skill workshops, and apply for travel and “Miniproposal” funding. Our expectation is that ISOS candidates gain a comprehensive view of marine science research in Kiel, including legal and economic issues and applied sciences. You will be challenged to identify and pursue your goals, and are expected to leave the programme with a head start on your career.