Integrated School of Ocean Sciences

PhD education for Marine Sciences

The ISOS is the central platform for post-graduate education in Marine Sciences in Kiel, and is part of the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”.

How to join the PhD Programme

ISOS offers

Advisory Committee Meetings

Voices from Isos candidates

"ISOS offers many different types of support to PhD candidates such as upgrade training courses on various topics and the inclusion in a network for students. But most importantly I like the idea about an organized supervision, especially with participants who do not stand in direct contact with my research topic. Thus, I can expect a variety of feedbacks on my work done and this may contribute very positively to my personal development during the time of my PhD project."


"What I like about the ISOS network is that it is truly multidisciplinary, and focusses not just on a scientific theme but brings together people with similar challenges."




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