ISOS Miniproposals: One Step to Independent Research

Doctoral research often opens up more questions than it answers, inviting young scientists to formulate questions, research topics and follow-on projects. As an ISOS candidate you can experience first-hand what it takes to be an independent researcher: apply for your own funding via a so-called “Miniproposal” by initiating and developing your own research project, preferably interdisciplinary in nature and in collaboration with other doctoral candidates.



  • your Miniproposal should be a well defined project, based on your own idea
  • your Miniproposal should be an add-on to your core doctorate (if the project fails, this shouldn't threaten your doctorate)
  • your Miniproposal topic may not be part of an existing, funded project
  • your primary supervisor must agree to your application for and conducting of a miniproposal but they may not have been a partner in formulating your proposal
  • you may apply, for example, for a research stay (typically up to three months), for experimental work, an expedition etc.

You may apply for up to 5,000 €.
The following costs may be included

  • scientific consumables, student contracts (i.e. Hiwis)
  • travel
  • additional expenses (e.g. Costs for necessary examinations, visas, vaccinations, etc.; according to the Reisekostengesetz)

 The Miniproposal scheme doesn't cover

  • Insurances (e.g. health, travel; according to the Reisekostengesetz)
  • your salary for the duration of your Miniproposal


If you plan to submit a Miniproposal please contact us in advance.


Avan Antia Head Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS) Tel.: +49 431 880-2685