Marine Science Degree Courses

Marine sciences form a major research focus of the Kiel University, and are taught at the undergraduate and graduate level in the following curricular courses, conducted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:

Physik des Erdsystems: Meteorologie - Ozeanographie - Geophysik (Bachelor of Science) – in German

Geowissenschaften (Bachelor of Science) – in German

Geophysik (Master of Science) - in German

Climate Physics (Master of Science)

Biological Oceanography (Master of Science)

Marine Geosciences (Master of Science)


Within the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”, Kiel Marine Sciences extend beyond the traditional scientific disciplines to include economics, law, medical, computational and social sciences. Interdisciplinary research in these areas is conducted by doctoral candidates from 6 faculties and a wide range of courses is available in our post-graduate programme. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more.