ISOS Alumni

Keeping in touch with alumni of the ISOS programme is important to us. Via regular newsletters, networking opportunities and their involvement in ISOS activities, alumni coming back bring a world of experience that is constantly used to improve the programme.


"Some of the most enlightening things I have experienced during my doctoral research came from panel discussions organized by the ISOS."
ISOS Alumna



Alumni help bridge the gap between the active doctoral phase and options in professional life thereafter. First-hand experience can help doctoral candidates to accept and master the many challenges that lie ahead.

ISOS activities featuring alumni include
> Retreats
> "From PhD to..." seminar series
> "Meet the Alumni" events


Throughout the last years the ISOS Alumni were updated via the annual newsletter. Find here all previous newsletters:

Alumni Newsletter 2016, download here

Alumni Newsletter 2015, download here

Alumni Newsletter 2014, download here

Alumni Newsletter 2013, download here

Alumni Newsletter 2012, download here

Alumni Newsletter 2011, download here


ISOS Alumni have ventured into diverse career paths.


From 180 Almuni who have completed their doctorate, over 80% do a first PostDoc.


More than 60 Almuni have changed their job at least ones - this gives us a dynamic picture of their professional path.


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