Selected project reports

Foraminiferal shell loss in the Flensburg Fjord (SW Baltic Sea)

Foraminifera dwelling in the Baltic Sea are sensitive to ocean acidification due to the low carbonate saturation levels. Enhanced shell loss in living benthic foraminifera was observed in Flensburg Fjord during summer 2006. The goals of this project were (1) to better constrain the influence of carbonate saturation on foraminiferal shell loss and (2) to monitor the reaction of the foraminifer Ammonia aomoriensis to different pCO2 in seawater.

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Planktonic calcifiers in the Baltic Sea

The distribution of planktonic calcifying algae in sediment and water samples has been monitored in the Kiel Fjord and Kiel Bay in 2009-2010.

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Submarine landslides and associated tsunami risk: Combining observations and an integrated modeling approach

The hydrocode iSALE was employed for the landslide simulations. iSALE widely used for simulations of meteorite impacts. Weiss et al. (2009) adopted the code for landslide modeling and showed by comparing with laboratory experiments by Fritz et al (2001) that all necessary processes for the interaction slide bodies with a water column are incorporated correctly. The geometries involved in the laboratory experiments were inclined slopes and triangular shapes of the initial slide masses.

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