Elective Modules

The Cluster of Excellence has set the goal to provide interested students of Kiel University with broad and interdisciplinary knowledge and to promote scientific work beyond disciplinary boundaries.

The Cluster has, to this end, compiled a catalogue of interdisciplinary ocean science elective modules offered by several faculties at Kiel University. The catalogue will be expanded and renewed continuously.


Students can choose modules that are best fit for their specific interests and careers goals; For example a biology student wishing to learn the basics about international law of the sea, a law student with an interest in geological and biological marine resources or a social science student with an interest in climate ethics.

New elective module: International Law of Marine Resources (SoSe)
This elective module deals with the fundamentals of International Law of the Sea with regard to biological and geological marine resources and thus explicitly addresses students of the legal and social sciences as well as those of the natural sciences.
Poster (pdf)

Further modules with marine science topics in German or English open to students of all faculties:

Summer term:
International Law of the Sea


Natural Sciences:
Summer term:
Coasts of the World
Element Cycles in the Ocean
Ocean Sustainability
Marine Population Genomics
Mechanisms of Biomineralization
New Aspects of Meteorology and Oceanography: Carbon Cycling in a Changing Climate
Advanced Course in Polar Ecology
Haltung und Aufzucht aquatischer Organismen
Lebensmittel und Biowirkstoffe aus dem Meer

Winter term:
Coastal Zone Dynamics
Introduction to metabolomics
How to make and keep a habitable planet – biogeochemistry-climate feedbacks and astrobiology
Climate-relevant trace gases in the ocean


Economics and Social Sciences:
Winter term:
Sustainability Economics
Resource Economics
Climate and Energy Policy


Arts and Humanities:
Summer term:
Ethische Aspekte des Klimawandels

Winter term:
Vernetzte Welt. Häfen und Hafenstädte in der Antike