Summer School Coastal Change in Natal

Natal, 08th -18th September 2014

The summer school is organized by the Cluster of Excellence The Future Ocean  of Kiel University, Germany, and will take place from 8th to 18th September at UFRN Natal before Congresso Brasileiro de Geologia in Salvador, Bahia (21st to 26th September 2014).

Scientific Teachers
Karl Stattegger, Kiel University (UNESCO Chair)
Helenice Vital, UFRN Natal
Moab Gomes, UFRN Natal
Athanasios Vafeidis, Kiel University
Peter Feldens, Kiel University
Jan Scholten, Kiel University

UFRN Natal, Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Terra / Pós-Graduação em Geodinâmica e Geofísica

Students of last year in graduação, of mestrado and doutorado

Places are limited, so registration is required and is binding.
Please send a letter of motivation and a brief CV (pdf-file) to

Registration Deadline
1st August 2014. Participation is free of charge.

For further information
Please send an e-mail to

Scientific Program
Two thirds of the world’s population lives within 50 km of the coastline. Therefore, coastal zones and shelf seas play an important role with respect to climate variability and human activities. Ongoing global climatic change is evidenced by sea-level rise and by an increase in the frequency and intensity of storms. Together with intensive human use of resources and habitation we observe rapid reorganization and often deterioration in the coastal zone and adjacent shallow seas. The summer school “Coastal Change” aims to provide insights into modern strategies and scientific techniques in coastal and marine research. The eleven day course will be shaped by various lecturers with acknowledged expertise in their field from Kiel University and the UFRN in Natal. The course is comprised of lectures and practical work in the laboratory and in the field.

For more information see flyer (pdf)

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