Science Mobility

Science mobility has been improved in the Cluster by evaluating and establishing potential collaboration with key partners in Europe, China and North America.

Building on these partnerships, Future Ocean has established scientific exchange opportunities on the PhD, postdoc and senior scientist levels. Support for international scientific exchange for PhDs is realized through ISOS and IMAP (Integrated Marine Postdoc Network), for postdocs through our flagship Alexander von Humboldt Future Ocean Fellowship program and a funding for international lab visitation, for senior scientists by means of support for continued collaborative research (mini-proposals), international symposia and visiting scholar financial support.

In order to attract top scientists to Kiel, the Cluster has spearheaded recruitment efforts at leading international conferences and in the relevant scientific journals. In addition, the Cluster is working to make Kiel more attractive for international scholars by easing the transition and relocation to Kiel with a virtual welcome center and by offering postdocs attractive positions with wider, more flexible career options and opportunities for international collaboration