Information for visiting scientists

We welcome visitors to the Future Ocean Cluster and offer assistance in finding funding, accommodation and in navigating your way through the official bureaucracy of registration, visa extension, residence and working permits once you are here. Here is some helpful information to make preparation for your stay and your first days in Kiel easier and more enjoyable. 

There are many funding programs available for short or long term research stays in Germany. Here is an overview of programs that could fund a research stay with the Future Ocean. Funding Opportunities: 25 ways to finance your road to the Future Ocean (pdf)

List of accommodations in Kiel: pdf

A very useful brochure from the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education to help you prepare your research stay in Kiel: pdf

Some information about getting started in Kiel – addresses of the registration office, immigration office, etc.: pdf

A link to a very informative website for scientists interested in working/researching in Germany:


Nancy Smith Internationalization, Coordinator Tel.: +49 431 880-4933