We are always carefully expanding our established partnerships with institutes in Europe and abroad and our engagement in international projects. We have established excellent ties with institutions outside Europe, namely the Earth Institute and LDEO at Columbia University, Ocean Institutions (DAL and OFI) in Halifax, Canada and Qingdao in China (OUC, IOCAS and SOA) are our current key strategic collaborators. Brest based institutions which are organized in the LabexMer cluster in France, as well as the relevant institutes in Southampton and Bergen are our key European partners.


Support to encourage international scientific exchange for senior scientists is provided by seed money for collaborative research and international symposia and visiting scholar financial support. The postdoc network IMAP and the Alexander von Humboldt Future Ocean Fellowship offer funding opportunities for outgoing and incoming early career researchers and internationa PhD exchange is supported by the Integrated School of Ocean Sciences ISOS.

We also support the transfer of Kiel Marine Sciences knowledge and expertise to the international scientific community, stakeholders and civil society. Our three main foci are:

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Nancy Smith Internationalization, Coordinator Tel.: +49 431 880-4933