Press reports

Science demands protection for active "black smokers"

16. February 2018

Kiel marine scientists discuss regulations for future deep-sea mining in London

In addition to manganese nodules in abyssal plains, ore deposits around hot vents on the seabed are among the potentially economically interesting metal deposits in the …

Open Science on the open Ocean

19. January 2018

Marine research goes public off the coast of Mauritania

Which mechanisms control the exchange of climate-relevant gases between the ocean and the atmosphere? How does biology influence this exchange? In the next three weeks, a research team from …

Methane hydrate dissociation not caused by climate change

08. January 2018

Study identifies post-glacial processes as main reason

For years, methane emissions from the seabed have been observed in the Arctic Ocean off Spitsbergen. The assumption that the warming of seawater by climate change is responsible for the release …

Oxygen depletion in the ocean is increasing

04. January 2018

Science study reveals risks, but also suggests solutions

The areas of extreme oxygen depletion are growing both in the open ocean and in coastal areas. This is the result of an international study with the participation of scientists from GEOMAR …

Squid as links within and between foodwebs

21. December 2017

New details published on the role of squids in the oceanic food web and carbon cycle

Squids are marine animals with fascinating biological characteristics. Some produce light, they have good eyes, they occur from reefs to the deep sea, some of them …

Round-the-World Regatta: Science wins

11. December 2017

GEOMAR equips Volvo Ocean Race yacht with sensors for ocean observations

12,000 kilometers through one of the most inhospitable sea areas on Earth—yesterday, the third leg of the Volvo Ocean Race started in Cape Town. The yacht race is not only …

Debate on deep-sea mining reaches new level

24. November 2017

GEOMAR expert participates in high-level panel of the National Academy of Sciences

At a high-level meeting held last week in Washington DC, USA, the Oceans Studies Board of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), together with the Earth Sciences and …

Third AtlantOS General Assembly meets in Gran Canaria

23. November 2017

150 experts discuss innovative observation strategies for the Atlantic ocean

The Atlantic Ocean covers about one fifth of the Earth's surface. Almost 100 states border on it or on one of its marginal seas. The ocean supplies food to them all, it …

Ocean acidification affects mussels at early life stages

22. November 2017

Kiel marine scientists show impacts on mussel larvae

Mussels protect themselves against environmental disturbances and enemies through a hard, calcareous shell. Increased ocean acidification makes it difficult for organisms to form their shells. In a …

Kiel Children’s and Students’ University ´Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

20. November 2017

December 6th kick-off of the lecture series with five events

On December 6th, the lecture hall will open for Kiel's Children's and Students' University at Kiel University (CAU) for the tenth time. The popular lecture series will then kick off its …