04. April 2017 Kiel Marine Science at the World’s Largest Industrial Fair

Kiel University and KMS present research concepts at the Hannover Fair

From April 24th to 28th, experts from science and economics will convene at the largest international industrial fair in Hannover. For the first time, Kiel University will also be represented and demonstrate its value for the economic and social development of the North with a broad range of cutting-edge research. The focus will be on knowledge transfer, patents, start-up initiatives and the four research focal areas, among them Kiel Marine Science (KMS).


The research focal areas "Life Sciences", "Cultural Change", "Nano, Surface and Interface Science", and "Marine Sciences" of Kiel University unite the scientific excellence of the university faculties and, at the same time, enable dynamic interfaces between the natural, social, and technical sciences as well as the humanities. In the research area "Marine Sciences" – Kiel Marine Science (KMS) represents ideas from integrative marine sciences and emphasizes better coordination of the use and protection of the world's oceans. KMS will present – partly also from the research of the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean", selected projects on coastal protection and innovations in the area of measurement and observation of the ocean as well as digital solutions for knowledge and innovation transfer from industry, politics and research.

A major contribution to science communication 4.0 will be made by the gesture controlled multimedia exhibition object "Observation systems for the ocean". It was developed by the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" together with the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design for the mediation of complex scientific content and has won several prizes, among them the RedDot and the German Design Award. Here ocean observation is represented with the help of state-of-the-art marine technology. The central element of the digital poster is a globe which shows all positions where temperature measurements have been collected.

Another exhibit shows the deployment of sea birds which have been equipped with transmitters in coastal research. The data generated through this process do not only serve basic research, but also provide the framework for recommendations on political action concerning coastal protection. With the help of the new research catamaran of the FTZ (Research and Technology Centre) in Büsum, it will also be possible to measure shallow water habitats in the North Sea. The third exhibit shows examples of high-resolution 3D-mappings of the deep sea, which have been generated with the help of 4k video cameras or SLR cameras with LEDs. This 3D reconstruction has the highest resolution of its kind.

The program will be rounded off by entertaining presentations and panel debates about the cutting-edge research as an innovation driver and the digitalization of science. The Hannover Fair is the most significant industrial fair world-wide and takes place on the exhibition site in Hannover every year in spring. The central topic this year is "Industry 4.0".

Messeprogramm der Uni Kiel
https://www.kms.uni-kiel.de/de Kiel Marine Science
http://www.futureocean.org/de Exzellenzcluster Future Ocean
http://www.hannovermesse.de Die Hannover Messe