News 2017

Summit Meeting on an Underwater Mountain

17. February 2017

The German RV MARIA S. MERIAN in Mindelo. Photo: Björn Fiedler, GEOMAR

Marine scientists from Kiel install observatory in the tropical Atlantic

Seamounts are oases of the oceans: they form diverse ecosystems and provide habitats for numerous organisms. However, the links between physical, biological and biogeochemical …

Global Ocean De-Oxygenation Quantified

15. February 2017

Nature-Veröffentlichung: Weniger Sauerstoff in allen Meeren

The first in-depth study on the observed global ocean oxygen content was just published by Kiel scientists in Nature.

The ongoing global change causes rising ocean temperatures and changes the ocean circulation. Therefore less oxygen is dissolved in …

Subsea mining moves closer to shore

09. February 2017

Ore from the deep sea: massiv sulfide of a black smoker. Source: GEOMAR.

Marine scientists from GEOMAR focus on shelf areas

Mining in the deep sea is technically very challenging and at present not economically feasible. However, deposits in coastal areas beneath the shallow, more accessible continental shelf could help …

Southern Italy: Earthquake hazard due to active plate boundary

24. January 2017

International team of researchers publishes latest seafloor maps

Tectonically, the Mediterranean is extremely active and thus threatened by natural catastrophes. This is underpinned by the recent earthquakes in Central Italy. Over the last few years …

Humans caused Megafauna extinction in Australia

23. January 2017

Illustration of a range of now-extinct megafauna that were present when humans first arrived in Australia (by Peter Trusler).

International research team publishes new findings on environmental changes at the end of the Pleistocene

During the Earth's history catastrophic mass extinction events have repeatedly decimated the diversity of animals and plants on global as well …

The Plankton Puzzle

11. January 2017

Thalassicolla caerulea, Tristan Biard

Marine scientists start citizen science project to reveal the secrets of unicellular organisms in the ocean

The task is gigantic—Marine biologists from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel (Germany), Kiel University and the …

Questions about Gadus morhua or Cod?

06. January 2017

Gadus morhua, Kabeljau, Dorsch

FishBase, the world's largest information database, provides answers

More than half a million visitors are counted monthly on FishBase, the world's largest information portal for marine organisms. Researchers as well as the interested public use the …



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