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Career Paths of Women in Marine Science and Technology

19. April 2017

Project “Baltic Gender” starts new blog on

A new blog series on women in Marine Science and Technology highlights the successful and diverse career paths of women, who are at different stages of their academic career. The blog, …

Deep-sea Octopus Likes to Eat Jellyfish

10. April 2017

Haliphron atlanticus mit einer Qualle. Foto: MBARI

New video recordings prove the hunting behavior of Haliphron atlanticus for the first time

With the help of deep-sea robots, marine biologists from Kiel and from Monterey managed to film the very rare deep-sea octopus Haliphron atlanticus during its …

Kiel Marine Science at the World’s Largest Industrial Fair

04. April 2017

Kiel University and KMS present research concepts at the Hannover Fair

From April 24th to 28th, experts from science and economics will convene at the largest international industrial fair in Hannover. For the first time, Kiel University will also …

Search for 'Coastal Selfies' from all over the World

30. March 2017

Geographers from Kiel collect photos for a global data set about coasts in the Citizen Science project “Coastwards”

At the interface between land and sea, coasts are significant for humans in many respects – as a habitat, for the procurement of …

Register Now– ozean:werkstatt (Ocean Workshop) for the marine scientists of tomorrow

17. March 2017

ozean:werkstatt für die Meeresforscherinnen und -forscher von morgen

Young people discover the seas and oceans with their own reasearch projects

How does the Baltic Sea sound for porpoises? How do marine currents develop? Which biocenoses exist in the Baltic Sea and what dangers is the Baltic Sea facing? School …

Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM): Ruth Schmitz-Streit elected first female president

17. March 2017

Ruth Schmitz-Streit wird erste Präsidentin der Vereinigung für Allgemeine und Angewandte Mikrobiologie (VAAM)

Professor from Kiel has been elected new chairwoman at annual meeting

Last week, the VAAM elected Ruth Schmitz-Streit, professor for molecular microbiology, as their new president with an overwhelming majority. Schmitz-Streit, director of the …

Declining oxygen – is Humboldt’s nutrient boost at risk?

17. March 2017

Sampling the KOSMOS mesocosms. Photo: Ulf Riebesell, GEOMAR

Experiment with the KOSMOS mesocosms in Peru

If less and less oxygen is available in the ocean as a result of climate change, this also affects highly productive regions such as the waters off the coast of Peru – an area strongly influenced by the …

Four-month Cruise with German RV METEOR off Peru

02. March 2017

Bereit zum Auslaufen: Die METEOR im Hafen von Valparaiso. Foto: Martin Visbeck, GEOMAR

Collaborative Research Centre 754 investigates oxygen minimum zone in the Southeast Pacific

Today, the first of four consecutive expeditions with the German research vessel METEOR starts in Valparaiso (Chile) to investigate the oxygen minimum zone …

How the Term ‘Fracking’ Made an Entire Infrastructure Publicly Visible

28. February 2017

How the Term ‘Fracking’ Made an Entire Infrastructure Publicly Visible

Research project in the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” reconstructs the politicization of the conventional natural gas and oil extraction through the fracking conflict.

Innovations in a technique for the extraction of unconventional …

Career Day at Kiel University

27. February 2017

Career Day at Kiel University

Academic career paths in Germany and the legal framework

Academic career paths in Germany are mostly characterized by temporary employment often for many years. Information about legal regulations and opportunities are therefore important …