Future Ocean Sustainability

Based on Kiel's successful interdisciplinary research, the Cluster is moving towards solution-oriented research, spanning from discovery and understanding, to assessment and solutions for sustainable development with the oceans. We will address the pressures imposed on the ocean by global change, by harnessing innovations to promote ocean resilience and safeguard ocean prosperity. The core challenges facing ocean sustainability will be tackled through integrated research areas and engagement activities in dedicated research groups. We aim to obtain a comprehensive, solution-oriented understanding of human-ocean interactions. This will require generating new understandings in key areas of integrative ocean science, and their transdisciplinary synthesis and increased engagement with non-academic stakeholders (citizens, policy-makers, and practitioners). The approach strives to acknowledge the complexity of societal demands towards the ocean and the intricacy of the society-environment interactions that need to be clearly understood if humanity is to live sustainably with the oceans.


We will start Future Ocean Sustainability in initially five integrated research areas as described below:
Exemplary integrated research areas

  1. Ocean Disasters
  2. Ocean Carbon
  3. Ocean Food
  4. Ocean Microbes
  5. Seafloor Resources

We aim to add another dimension with three information exchange and engagement activities to our integrated research areas as described below:
Information exchange and engagement activities

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Ocean Media Lab
  3. Ocean Young Leaders Academy


Martin Visbeck Sprecher Tel.: +49 431 600-4100
Ralph R. Schneider Stellvertretender Sprecher Tel.: +49 431 880-1457
Nele Matz-Lück Stellvertretende Sprecherin (Future Ocean Sustainability) Tel.: +49 431 880-2083